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In a serious run for POTUS in the modern era, a campaign is about positioning and "perception management".

There are PR firms that specialize in creating strong messaging using symbolism: for instance - its not what Bush Sr. actually *did* in foreign policy.

Its the positive feeling a certain targeted demographic will get when presented with the *symbolism* of old GWB - whatever memories they have of strength and patriotism and security they felt with him (I know right?) as commander in chief.

In this day and age the projection that is deliberately built of you in the public mind - that is what voters are eventually going to pull the lever for. Only a smaller percentage are going to care about the nuances of policy positions and whether or not you have any track record of actually doing anything that you claim.

Visualize "Brand Obama". More than likely (just for an instant) some artistic images come up - key photos of that huge charming smile promising a new day and "Yes we can!". All of this happens instantaneously on trigger - *regardless* of the way you feel about him and even if you know what they are doing and how its done. The images are planted deliberately.

The game is to build the image you desire in the minds of the target demographics - and make it strong enough to withstand whatever it is the opposition are going to throw at you along the way to bring you down. The information and media war never ends.

Yes - these are propaganda tools. However denying the reality that every serious campaign at the national level are using these kinds of tools and techniques - or throwing caution to the winds and going all Mr Smith Goes to Washington like his Dad did and deciding to *not* use them .. is a sure way to lose.

Denying that your enemy will use certain weapons and / or failing to us them yourself out of a sense of ethics in situations like this will hand them victory.

Rand learned that from his dad. Could you possibly expect that he is that dense that he would run his campaigns the same way his Dad did?