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I've been coming to this website daily, shortly after I learned about Ron Paul in 2007. It's been a long journey of political and spiritual awakening since then. To shorten this post as much as political life ended shortly after losing a race for state representative in 2010. I was supposed to lose by about 15% and ended up only losing by 3%. As I look back now I'm thankful for the results because it has given me the opportunity to see the bigger picture of life. To be "successful" in politics you have to be part of the machine and my soul became quite compromised after doing so. I am opposed to labels but if one must be attached I am a mixture of a libertarian/voluntaryist and a general a seeker of truth, light and love. I understand everyone has their role to play and mine is no longer with political activism, although I follow it closely. Taking care of my family is my main priority and the wealth of knowledge provided by the users here over the years has been quite frankly, life changing. I look forward to being a part of this community and no longer just a bystander. Thank you Michael for giving individuals like myself this opportunity.