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Consonant Companionship

I've been around one or twice (under/statement;) and have met a few Jennifers. When my all/boy school(School of Johns) merged with an all/girl school back in seventh grade all of a sudden we were all Johns/Jens. I know the drill. As a matter of fact I do believe I've run into just the Jen/ny of which you speak. Dark curly hair, crazy flipper fingers, sure plays a mean... well, a wizard of sorts. She's a song/bird, often inverted, and usually found incessantly nesting nearby. As such, I know her as Jen/ny Wren. I'm sort of a butcher at heart, so if my incessant activity strokes your annoyance you'll just bloody have to tell me. Anyway, the Wren/ster thing separates her from the others. I hope it's not actually my clever/cleaver.