Comment: how perfect! the Remnant's Champ lives up to ALL three!! ,o)

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how perfect! the Remnant's Champ lives up to ALL three!! ,o)

finally finished watching the entire 3hr interview/caller Q&A;
the last 30min of the interview is an absolute gem!

he so clearly laid out the lingering question... the same thing that always frustrated the hell out of me (and certainly, probably most of y'all lovelies here), forever: just think where humanity would be, were all the blood sweat tears/ingenuity were focused on peace and prosperity, instead of generational bondage into the war-technocracy!!

the they/them/those the 'Ruling Class' refer to themselves as a "Breakaway Civilization." perhaps they are, perhaps not. who can be 100% certain??

that said, what I am confident in concluding is that we'd literally ALL be the 'breakaway civilization' that we wouldn't need to call it that, WERE all that human brilliance released, even just a hundred yrs ago, without falling prey/succumbing to WWI-warpath machinations, we'd literally already be traveling the stars... in which, when someone were to say "homesteading," it wouldn't be some final left over frontier in Alaska, but in PX389-0dd01 in some moon colony in planets/planetoids orbiting Alpha Centauri!

glad that, that IS what his next book would be on: the fundamental questions of 'WHY perpetual wars, humanity?? huh? huh? huh?'

perhaps I missed it, but was it common knowledge that the Doc had family members fighting on both sides of the war, during WWII (or did he say WWI)??

think I just learned that for the first time.

talk about message hitting home: family split, one part fighting to 'kill' them, the other praying they won't. and Great Grandma Paul's simple words of wisdom: it's ALWAYS the govt that starts wars!

and, therein lies the philosophical groundings of the man.

can't believe he's almost 80, and still sharp as a syringe needle!

I should be so lucky, were I to be asked at 79 by someone 'what have you been up to?' and I can humbly, almost sheepishly say "been keepin' busy"... er yeah, he's like James Brown: the hardest working man in the philosophy 'business' (if you can call it that! lol)!!

Sheesh, let us count the ways: FEE foundation, RP Inst. for Peace and Prosperity, international speaking engagements, conferences, C4L, YAL, RP Curriculum/Classroom, RP Channel, RP Voices of Liberty (loved the logo: says VOLume!), new book on tackling 'WHY War??'... just to name a few?

"been keepin' busy," he says xD

Holy moly!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul