Comment: I agree with you both. It is

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I agree with you both. It is

I agree with you both. It is scary and insane to see the number of laws in this country. I think so many people are blissfully unaware... or think it is for our own good... until the "law" comes banging on their door. I have a friend right now who is battling CPS because someone across the country--who she's never met--decided to use false accusations through CPS as payback against the child's father. Their lives have been flipped upside down as they jump through a million hoops and hope for a positive outcome.

I had a similar situation a few years ago with the DOD school system overseas. I had to fight all the way up the chain of command--and even filed a lengthy complaint with the Inspector General. I finally won and got my son's record expunged... but it was sure a rude awakening to the reality of our government and people in positions of power. They were able to break their own rules and make all the claims they wanted, regardless of solid evidence to the contrary... and WE were the ones who had to prove his innocence over and over. It was a nightmare. Thankfully we won... and they even changed some guidelines in the school rules because of it... but the whole reality of what they they can do is horrible.