Comment: To Infinity...Nah

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To Infinity...Nah

Somewhere on the road between 1290 and infinity, there will be a dollar collapse. Infinity and the "value of gold" will intersect at some point.

Most folks don't understand that if an infintesimal amount of dollars are chasing an oz. of gold- guess what/ nobody sells because dollars are worthless.

If you came to me with a trillion Zimbabwe dollars looking for an oz. of gold- you wouldn't get it. The point being is that if dollars become complete asswipe nobody would trade them for gold.

Gold is a store of value and wealth. Owning it will help immensely if the dollar collapses, the world gets a new reserve currency, or when the world discovers that the US has no gold. I own gold as an insurance policy. I could care less what the day to day price is in artificially inflated fiat.