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More Info?

How long been coughing? What do you think is causing?
Other symptoms? (cold, flu, allergy, gerd, runny nose, itchy eyes/skin, green mucous/phlegm? Fever? diabetes?)
"My lungs are on fire" - don't understand/relate (drink cold O.J.?)
are you in the usa? i am.

if ribs/chest hurt or are sore, you may need a decongestant/expectorant to thin the phlegm to cough it up and spit it out

burning esophagus/chest? acid reflux? cough: stop eating fat, sugar, take some calcium, magnesium? ask pharmacist/see dr?

i got sick twice coughing so bad up to 6 wks that i dislocated several ribs each time

my cure: maximum strength 12-hr mucinex in white/blue box 1-3 yrs ago. it's over-the-counter (otc not Rx, in the aisles not at pharmacy) box of 20-40? count was $12-$25? (i don't recall...just very expensive for me...but worth every dollar) First time took up to 4 and was better in 48 hrs. Second time after 2 was better in 12-24 hrs. Didn't know would work so well to get small box. Then went to chiropractor each time and had ribs fixed with a manual/hand activator (not electronic). Looks like door-stop with handles that clicks like pen. This may be it in smaller count of 14:

they've branched out. i might need allergy now :(
see here:

If healthy, no medical conditions, and age 25-55 maybe try? See box info. Otherwise talk with pharmacist or dr? Especially if you have heart, sugar, reflux, other problems?

If coughing for month or more, could be new outbreak of whooping cough. No cure but time if miss diagnosing in 1st 1-2 weeks. But can still try meds?

Hope that helps you or others. Know how bad it feels and not sleeping. Try to stay away from others and not spread germs or touch many things. Contagious period=1 month?

Feel better soon!!! (sorry)

PS: Sit up with back-support and Hug a pillow or thick blanket tightly to sternum when coughing. Helps a lot!