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For the most part, I agree with you. We should not only focus on/pay attention to "libertarians" but anyone that, even if briefly, supports any of our positions with clarity, rationality and truth. However, we must be very, very carful about who we choose to "prop up" or support. If we go up on the mountain and proclaim, "all yea, all yea, listen to and heed Russell Brand", even if it's related to only a single issue, we might inadvertently steer people to him and they may adopt the rest of his socialist positions.

Another example is Glen Beck. Often, I hear Glen Beck articulate a problem and think "he's nailed that one on the head" but when you listen to his explanations as to how we arrived at the problem and how to solve the problem, he's bat-shit crazy and will cite people like Alexander Hamilton or Abraham Lincoln (in a way in which he idolizes them).

Informing people with misinformation, myths and outright lies, is deadly to our cause (that cause being truth about history, the real root causes of our problems and the only valid solutions to achieve more freedom). An example of this is Mark Levin's book "The Liberty Amendments". I read the book and found that his proposed amendments were sound and that he made very good arguments for them. However, there were two things that bothered me: He cited Federalists too much (and I believe they were mercantilist, big central government ass-hats) and, more importantly, he completely avoids/ignores the biggest problem with our system of government: the Federal Reserve Bank and monetary policy. I am extremely reluctant to recommend the book to anyone because his propositions only treat symptoms - they are NOT the cure.

In summary, there are many people out there that are just arriving into our camp. They lack background. They have been taught by the public school system and people like Hannity, Levin, Beck and, in many cases, the talking heads on the liberal networks. To quote Rush, "their heads are full of mush". Pointing them to someone like Brand can cause them to digress and confuse them. They need to be spoon-fed small doses of medicine from Dr. Paul, Lew Rockwell, the Von Mises Institute etc. and avoid the mind-numbing narcotics, even if laced with small amounts of truth, that Brand (no pun or malice intended - I promise) and so many of the other talking heads dispense.