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Comment: Ooh, sha sha

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Ooh, sha sha

Or... we could express our opinions right here.

But I have to ask. Did you think that when I told you Bloom was a winner both because of its visual appeal and also its fun & fairness playing that I was simply trying to flatter you? Do you not consider my opinion valid for other reasons? Hey, let's not forget who got you to play this bloomin' game to begin with!

Bloom is a great board.

I can't say the same for the game I'm playing now with David R. No offense, David (whoever you are). Different strokes for different folks. Some people might enjoy this type of challenge: 1) playing on a board reminding one of a country reduced to rubble after wartime (and I guess you've succeeded if the reference to "no man's land" was, indeed, a reference to borders dividing the free from the unfree... or, at least, "these people" from "those people") and 2) a board in which scoring involves "orders of magnitude." As Walter Kavanaugh learned the hard way (from the creator of the game) when he registered an observation that *seemed* to negate the fact that he was losing a particular badly... it wasn't just that "his points" had ceased to be counted (I think his statement was, "Who knows who's really winning!"; rather, it was just that, given the order of magnitude difference between his and his opponent's scores, they were truly... meaningless. I bring this up because, for all practical purposes, I'm now in the same place. There's no way I'd be able to catch up.

That is, it's not just your board - but many - that really aren't among my favorites. I don't like any where one person (even if it's me!) can find himself the recipient of "windfall profits." Now you might argue and say it took *skill* in order get as far ahead of me as you are. I don't mean to detract from that. But if that's the case (for you or anyone who finds himself ahead by an amount that is best expressed using scientific notation), it's not a skill I possess. Or care to.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir