Comment: Let me put it this way

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Let me put it this way

A guy running around waving a lit stick of TNT approaches you and your family. He might be a threat. You willing to put the lives of those you love in that kind of danger?

Second, the question implies we know this guy is infected with a disease that is known to kill most of the people that are infected with it. Given this information; you approach my family and I'll cure what ails you.

Third, doctors are not this evil subset of people everybody here wants to make them out to be. Sure, their training in treatment isn't what it used to be and their over reliance on tests and drugs rather than on common sense is staggering, but even the most incompetent doctor is quite capable of checking the blood for a well known virus. I trust a carpenter to build my house, I trust an engineer to build a bridge, I trust my doctor to figure out why blood is pouring out of my eyes; simple. And yes, like anything, there is a statistical percentage of doctors who are arrogant assholes who will over react when you dare question their judgement; you can't prevent that in any field of study.