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Mint Leaves..To Start

Things you will need:
10 mint leaves
T-shirt or Bath robe
1 tall cold drink
Radio or book

Shut the bathroom door..TIGHT
Put the leaves in the tub
Fill the tub with nothing but HOT WATER
Stay in the bathroom until the water cools enough to get in
(see why you need the book/radio and drink now?)
Slide down in the tub, letting the water cover your chest
Stay there for 15 minutes or until water cools down
Make sure you dry off
Put on the t-shirt or bath robe
You can NOT go outside or get any cold chills for at least 8 hours.
This will ease the pain and help break up whats in your chest.
Do this for 3 straight days.
Southern homemade cough syrup
1 part honey
2 parts lemon juice
1 part corn liquor
Take 2 Tbsp every 3 to 4 hours
It might not help you get better
But if done wont care that your sick.

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