Comment: I suggest drinking plenty of hot spicy teas.

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I suggest drinking plenty of hot spicy teas.

My favorite is exactly what the first post suggested: honey (raw), fresh ginger, cinnamon and dash of cayenne in hot water (it always reminds me of the original Dentine chewing gum which I loved as a kid) - drink several times each day. While upper respiritorily infected drink copious amounts of hot water-based liquid all day, and include spice tea with alcohol at least twice.

Sipping hot spicy tea with alcohol in it works like nothing else for lung/chest congestion.
Hot wine with lemon is good;
Whiskey in coffee is very soothing;
Rum (stiff shot) and raw honey in hot milk just before bedtime, make it strong enough to help you sleep good.

Gargle your throat several times a day with Hydrogen Peroxide - better than salt water.

Stay away from dairy products like cheese, milk, ice cream. Don't eat heavy food, no processed foods, but more alkaline, veggies and soups.

Good luck, wish you well.