Comment: I have been reading this site

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I have been reading this site

I have been reading this site since 2010. A fellow DP member turned me onto this site after he discovered RP in 2007. I have been coming to this site multiple times a day ever since. Still in the learning stage, which we all are all the time, so don't always have a whole lot to say, but my convictions are becoming stronger and stronger every day. You people here at the DP have helped me tremendously, so thank you.

I just began my 30's a week ago. Current, and probably forever native of New Hampshire. Born and raised and have no plans on leaving. What you hear about New Hampshire is mostly true, but at times a bit exaggerated. I have a very young family I started about 5 years ago and will be teaching my children the truth as they grow.

I appreciate the opportunity to become a member.

Thank you.