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That was awesome! Thank you so much for that on this fine morning.

Here is a rough transcript of what I caught. I will come back and listen to this again. Thank you.

- - - -

Education does not develop a full man. . .

There are two sides to knowledge. The object of knowledge - the object of knowledge, and the subject, the knower. What does the present system of education provide? The knowledge of the object. What it misses: The knowledge of the subject. The knowledge of the knower. For the stream of knowledge [has] two banks: One one side the object, one one side the knower.

When the mind is dull, when the knower is sleepy, the knowledge is something different from what it is when one is wide awake, fresh in the morning. Completely. The perception is different. The understanding is different. Emotions are different. Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness."

What does education provide? Knowledge of physical value...What is not provided is the knowledge of the knower. When the knower is in ignorance about himself, the whole structure of knowledge is, as if, baseless. The foundation of knowledge is the consciousness of the knower.

But if the knower is in the dark, if the knower doesn't know himself, it is very obvious that the whole structure of knowledge, the whole field of knowledge has no basis to it. And such baseless knowledge can only be non-fulfilled.

Knowledge provided by present day education is fulfilling. It has its values, but values are on the objective level of life, and values are missing on the subjective level of life. The individual is not fulfilled. Yes the blessings of education and knowledge promote progress in the objective field. So there is progress. There is satisfaction, in whatever field the knowledge is expert.

The education is expert the field of the object. But education does does not touch the field of the subject. And therefore, the field of the subject, the field of the knower, remains out of knowledge.

It is high time we provide the knowledge of [the subject], as well as the knowledge of all the siblings. "

- - - -

That is a cryptic last line, but I think that is what he said. The tape is messed up. Yes, he's made it perfectly clear. Crystal clear.

We don't know ourselves, and without that knowledge we are lost.

He's the man.