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New Member Introduction

Hello all,
I do enjoy going on this site more than any. Period. The amount of information on vast subjects - posted by individuals, is awesome.
I found my way to the DailyPaul in 2007. Had never heard of Ron Paul before. Well, what a time!!! I was lucky enough to attend the DC March, and stand in that oppressive heat, with the oppressive Capitol Police lurking. And got to see and hear Dr. Paul for the 1st time.
And thanks to this site , I stayed tuned in, and was able to attend the Ron Paul Convention in Minneapolis. 1st time coming across a gentleman named Tom Woods. Another amazing mind for Liberty.
Being in the Target Center that day, and across the street and the bar/club where Aimee Allen performed many unabashed Ron Paul fans from all over. What a fun time!!
Even had the chance to be a Election Judge in Bridgeport, Chicago. Watching so many file in like Zombies, and voting as such. My vote, a write in for Dr. Paul - I watched, was thrown in the can. That was OK, I was part of the process, in which Dr. Paul had asked.

The Daily Paul has been instrumental in my life!..
I have been able to transform my life of being a Slave for the Real Machine of Chicago politics, business, culture & corruption, to a humble individual building a Homestead high in the the Mountains. Where everday is as slow as the movement of the sun.

I've learned from Hayek, Mises, Rothbard, Hazlitt, Walter Block & now Joel Salatin as of late. Ron Paul's reading list, has been instrumental for the knowledge I now know exists.

I do not see myself getting involved with the elections again. I was elected as a 'Ron Paul State & Congressional Delegate' in 2012.
I, like another member championed, would like to take care of my family, well... actually start a family! I want to produce with my hands. I want not to know the politics of any order, since I now acknowledge, life is too short. Resources are too limited (For me at least.)

I look forward to the next paradigm, when the Dollar is no more. And I look forward to a daily life of being connected to individuals who also share the same values in life.

Thank you Michael for being more than just a beacon for the liberty movement. For also -- Standing Up, and having the strength to share your life.

Semper Fi

In Liberty