Comment: DP False Flag?

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DP False Flag?

DPers are so nice, caring, and helpful. Did we all forget the ark has set sail? This thread is now quarantined for whatever we got. ;)

Are we like the people who ran to the beach to see the incoming tsunami? (couldn't find video) :(

We all clicked in to check on the ebola? ;)

Bad OP. Captain Michael may have lots of work-duty for you when you recover for infecting the whole ark. ;) Some treat for all the newbies! ;) We have youngins now between 10-20 y.o. They and our elders need protection. (hey...special color for them and those 70+?)

Or is this just a false flag to get Dr. Paul on board for a visit? ;)

Well, everyone feel better soon!

Check out this ark humor: :)