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I agree to a certain extent. He's a bit of a narcissist clearly, but I'm not so sure about a charlatan. When he is wrong, he tends to go wrong badly. But on some of the things on which he is right, and perhaps even original to an extent, his presentation and educational value are nearly priceless.

It seems you are most directly criticizing his "debate performance." On that one should realize that it is a very difficult game. Most often, the people against whom he is (and we are) debating are apparently not interested in any kind of understanding, they continually try to obfuscate the discussion, and certainly do not discuss things with integrity. In short, the opponents are so underhanded, it is often difficult to avoid the errors you observe.

On the other hand, my impression is that Molyneaux is probably quite something of an ass in person. Again, this doesn't make him wrong, and I also hope to meet him someday and be proven wrong.