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I've been checking up on this site for a couple of years now and I've really enjoyed what I've read.. I'm a big Ron Paul fan.. so much so that if i was a president of any country, I'd step down and let him run it.

I'm for peace-- at any cost and minding your business-- so long as there's no genocide taking place.. I believe every country should try and better its people before meddling in the affairs of others..

I'm also for stopping all aid to all countries including the terrorist nation of Israel.. I'm anti-Zionism but have nothing against Jews as a people...

I'm against catch and release fishing practices.. I think its torture..

I'm pro-life... only ok with abortion if its rape, incest, or there's danger to the life of the mother... other than that, there's no choice, actually, the only other choice is the choice they made to have sex-- given that was a wrong choice, how can I allow you to make another choice which affects a potential life?

I'm for several other things and against a few more..