Comment: Mike is the best!

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Mike is the best!

He picked exactly the right passage from Atlas Shrugged to read. You could tell he was holding back tears because the words are true and our country is on the wrong side of Ayn's wisdom. A country and it's money are only as moral as it's people.

The last half century has been the age of the self proclaimed victim. People who don't know the difference between being enraged and empowered. Empowerment is a gift you give yourself, that benefits your community. Enragement is a momentary rush of righteousness that comes from being angry at a perceived wrong. A high you can only get when you are a victim. Its a vicious cycle. It's like a hit of cocaine. Just ask Al Sharpton. He has alot of experience in both:)

I sat my 8 year old girls down and had them watch some of the Hidden Secrets of Money series and they started to get it. There is a new generation coming that won't be fooled, because they see the evil for what it is.

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