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You have failed to comprehend what I wrote. You accuse me of selling my "fellow DPers" short (not giving them enough credit). I clearly pointed out that I am mostly concerned with people that are just awakening to libertarianism and are still struggling with re-thinking concepts that they have been confused about all of their lives. Pointing the "newbies" that are still struggling against all of the misinformation and bad teachings to folks Russell Brand (without putting into context and helping guide the poor chaps) is not a good idea.

I, in no way, suggested that I restrict myself to only "libertarian sources". As a matter of a fact, I have pointed out that I read, listen to and watch many non-libertarians. Furthermore, I certainly do not believe that everyone should follow/listen to/read only "pure" content of good libertarians. That would be asinine.

You're going to have to slow down and re-read my posts several times (it seems) to ensure that you do not distort my positions again in the future.