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Thank you

.... especially to the link that described the burial practices in the area and other cultural issues that medical workers need to deal with. They are very brave people. Actually there have been small outbreaks of ebola for year which were contained. It could get very bad if infected people bolt and spread it all over the place.

Unfortunately the media uses fear to get viewers and sometimes sell whatever propaganda. Better than panic, maybe read the literature and calmly consider what your response ought to be. I like a site called ProMed. At this point, in the US, I am not much concerned about my personal safety. I cry when I think of brave people trying to stop this thing, dying from it.

Ebola is one of the nastiest viruses. There is a reason that the health care workers wear full body protective suits. it has a transmission rate comparable to influenza but it is PRIMARILY spread by contact with fluids. Also the virus can persist in the environment. I saw link below to the pig-monkey study. I have seen another study where there was not spread between monkeys housed in the same room. The virus can be carried in fluid droplets from a sneeze.

I to am not sure why they brought that doctors back to Atlanta. It seems better to make a infectious disease unit far from urban areas. Also I could see some sick F*%k trying to weaponize it. I met the pathologist who first identified West Nile Virus in the US. She had a visit from military people inquiring about her discovery.