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I stumbled across a couple sites back in '07; BullNOTBull, and DepressionTV and became engrossed in them. Found myself having to check them out daily. I started learning so much. But it also brought about alot of questions. Primarily, what precautions to take to protect my family from the coming financial turmoil. Who better to send my questions to than the man who ran the sites himself, Manystrom.

In one of his responses, Michael mentioned he had put together a new site and that I should take a look. Strange too, that I'd just learned of Ron Paul and had started catching fire, you know the whole "Ron Paul cured my Apathy" type thing. So, I was extremely surprised to find Michael's new site; The Daily Paul. This rocked!

And so I've been with the site since then. There is not a single website that I frequent more. The mix of people here, the wealth of information, the community (to include the detractors, and antagonist), all roll up to make for an awesome site. I don't post as much as I used to, but I still read and read and read! As well as share many of the posts with other friends and family.

I no longer have faith in the political system, so I pretty much steer clear of it all. I think huge changes are coming for all mankind, not just Americans. As well, I steer clear of religion too. For me they are the cause of much of the devisivenous in our world. I'm proud to wear the label of Conspiracy Theorist. Keeps me searching for truth rather than buying the official BS story.

In any event, that's a quick run down. I'm a proud Daily Pauler, and thank Micharl for everything he does! Take care all!