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So, I feel the same way I do

So, I feel the same way I do about our bombing of Hiroshima and Nagaski, the bombing of Dresden, etc.

They attacked us, and/or they were an existential threat. That is the motive for going to war. That was our perception of it, and frankly, I believe that was a correct perception. We needed to win, and they needed to lose.

What Israel is doing...they feel that Hamas/Palestine is an existential threat. That isn't an excuse, but it is a reason. Whether you agree with their perception or not, that is their perception. And, even if we can say that Israel is too powerful; there is no way their very existence is threatened, Hamas, as well as the other bordering territories/governments, possess the capability to enact harm on the Jewish population.

The Jews/Israeli government wants to protect its people. And their hands appear to be tied. Diplomacy hasn't worked, friendship hasn't worked, concession hasn't worked. They've bowed to external pressures before and left Gaza, or ceased military activity, etc. Those actions didn't work.

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