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Welcome mashley

This looks great, but I have a question. I emailed Liberty Health Share and am waiting on a response, but in the mean time, maybe you could answer it for me and the rest of the folks here at the DP.

In Massachusetts (and I presume in other states), we're required to file a form with our state income tax showing that we were covered by health insurance. I assume the same is true for federal income taxes as well?

Liberty makes it very clear on their website that they are not insurance - so how does one get around this requirement?

A quick Google search turned up this on MA law:

A religious exemption is available for anyone who has a sincere religious belief that is the basis for not purchasing health insurance coverage.

Is this the key? Is there also a Federal religious exemption? And if so, how does one go about 'proving' it?

This is the only sticking point for me and Samantha. As I mentioned on another thread, we're currently shelling out $1,200 through Samantha's plan at her work. If we could find something cheaper, we could pocket that whole difference, and that would be a huge savings for us!

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I noticed that The Self Pay Patient mentioned in the Breitbart article was also discussed in Liberty's newsletter. It looks like there is a lot of useful info there.

We just got set up with a new advertising system on the DP.

I think they would get a lot of bang for their buck here, and I'd love to work with them on testing & honing a message. Not to mention that the DP could use the revenue!

There is nothing better than promoting something that is useful and something you believe in.

Thanks. Great first post!