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as to the question about death and suffering before the Fall, this has always bothered me about the theistic evolutionary theories as well.

Sometimes I wonder, though --

- obviously God realized that the creation of genuine persons, with genuine free wills to choose to participate in Love or not, came with the likelihood, or even the certainty, that (many, most, all) humanity would have to go through the consequences of non-Love being chosen, as part of their development and ultimate reconciliation to the Love they were created for.

- God predestined each and every one of us to be created, knowing that this spiritual 'evolution' would entail suffering, death, evils, pain

- yet the final good of the eventual outcome would be worth it, even with the darkness of the journey to get there

- so a process of suffering, pain and death was fully realized as being a likely/essential part of the development of Creation into what it's meant to be, given the nature of genuine free wills, in genuine persons

But still, the thought of pain and suffering being there prior to any person choosing non-Love does bother me; although, persons such as the fallen angels had already chosen this -- so maybe this would have been repercussions from that earlier Fall?