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Aside from the very good objections posted below, here are some more problems with what you are thinking and writing:

One of the big problems is in the "we." For example, "The further ahead 'we' think, ..."

"We" cannot think. That is a serious problem in your line of thought. There is no collective brain. There is no collective thinking.

Each of us thinks as an individual. War in this context is not so bad. But that is obviously not the context in which you conceive of war. If each of us thinks individually and acts in cooperation for defense, and takes individual responsibility for that action---then I'm good with it.

But this is very clearly not what you're presenting. As pointed out below in a 100% accurate post of faithkills, you are thinking in terms of relying on others to both do the thinking and the fighting for you. To hell with that.

So the analogy to chess is nonsense. Chess is a game of one individual against another. You want to keep your wars between you and some individual enemy you choose? Go for it.

The analogy of the original post is nonsense too. I mean it may make sense in some context, but certainly not in the context of national wars.

Worst of all, you assume some sort of strange dichotomy that people who don't go along with your nonsense analogies and national war theories, are somehow lumped in the straw-man category of "non-violent." Believe me, I am not non-violent. I am non-aggressive. I am not currently executing violence against anyone. That is simply because I am absolutely playing my part in a game of chess against the destructive ideas like the ones you present. But I am absolutely more than happy to become violent when it becomes clear that becoming violent is going to make anything better.

That is sort of the key. When is violence going to produce some kind of improvement? You, as an individual, don't even seem to realize this is *the* question. You think some power hungry morons are going to be able to figure that out under any circumstances? They're going to figure it out, and then give the right order to some naive 18 year olds with M16s, drones, and tanks? No. They are not. That is not going to happen. If this question is going to be figured out, individuals are going to have to figure it out and act. They are going to have to be individually responsible for their actions. Yes, they can act cooperatively. Man I can tell you, if someone figures out where the high speed lead injections need to be administered, they can also figure out how to communicate that information with others and cooperate with them. That will be small potatoes.

As faithkills says: You figure out a way to can get an M16 and the skill to use it into the hands of *anyone* who needs (or might need) to defend him or herself, then you will have figured out how to properly pay attention to and improve the world around us. This is why the Appleseed project is so important.