Comment: Tubing the Rapids in the Conococheague Creek Yesterday

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Tubing the Rapids in the Conococheague Creek Yesterday

Took about 2 hours and tubed an old Indian riverway yesterday that runs across the Mason Dixon line of Maryland / Pennsylvania. My oh my this place is scenic....! Even floated across some bubbly rapids, made my own waves in the stills of the creek just for kicks.

Pertaining to the prophecy mentioned here, one should be VERY worried if one is living in an area prone to danger. It is my suggestion that one should move away from the danger sooner than later. My move from the mega city with 14 lanes of rush hour traffic was made 14 years ago. The area of the country I'm living in drains too well to worry about flooding, rarely sees a tornado, and earthquakes even rarer. Economically "my back yard" is stronger than others with two major interstate highways very close by, a huge FEDEX Ground HUB is a huge asset, and they just built an inland rail road port 3 miles west of my abode.

So, when the wave does hit ( hey I always enjoy your postings Smudgepot ) I'm sure it will hit where I live too, but but but I'm not worried about knee deep water :)

Ramblin Randy