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Yes, and...

Yes, and neither is the American-installed (by violence) puppet-government...."Iraq"....either, or the foreign U.S. Corporations. It's just one terrorist group or the other terrorist group here. There is no happy ending for Iraqis here.

But for Americans, the best thing to do is to stop the whole Iraq takeover and the War policy. It didn't work, and it won't ever work long term. And perpetual War won't help anybody.

Nine (corrupt) years of war and occupation U.S. air power in Iraq, employed on an unfettered scale, combined with the full-weight of the U.S. military on the ground plus Trillions of dollars wasted, including billions in reconstruction funds, all failed to resolve the issues now playing out in Iraq. Airstrikes won't do a damn thing. Just like the so-called "surge" in 2007, it will get a lot of 'happy-talk' PR -- but fail completely in the end, as any American military "presence" is destined to.