Comment: Serious Reminder for DPers

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Serious Reminder for DPers

We like 'good stories' and want 'good change' to restore our 'rights' and 'liberties'.

We need to choose and support our State Governors, Attorneys General, and elected Sheriffs, as they represent our interests when the Federal government does not. And, they band together when necessary.

We now have opportunities to choose and support the change we have been looking for.

How? Read, Vote-up, and Bump these threads. Link share and donate if possible.

44+ DPers supported Wyllie threads. Where are your up-votes and daily bumps for THIS thread? ...for the donations you wanted?

151 DPers just up-voted Ron Paul on c-span on 8/3/14.

Why aren't you supporting these people fighting for what you want?
The U.S. Constitution! Border Security! Repeal of 'REAL ID' and the inter/national personal information and biometric database for 'droning' Americans and more!

How hard and time-consuming is it to Vote-up, Bump, and Share? Many others need to see this info.

Now is the time to take action! We want and need these people! We want 'right' legal action and elections, etc.

What's going on? Where are y'all?

Thanks for reading; and hopefully your action and support.

Peace, Love, Liberty, Life.