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Yes, well-said...

...and I do agree with all that.

Do you see what I'm getting at, though?:

- God was willing to create, knowing full well that such Creation would have to go through a spiritual evolution involving struggle, pain, suffering, death before eventually being reconciled to Love, to Himself.

- so the idea of God using or allowing such a painful process for the purposes of achieving His ultimate ends, is accepted by both theistic evolutionist and the six-day creationist, even though they disagree on whether this painful struggle was there from the beginning

- if God created, knowing that pain and death would ensue, He is ultimately responsible for that reality emerging -- and is responsible for coming behind and cleaning up the mess so-to-speak. And thanks be to Him that He is indeed reconciling all things in heaven and earth through the peace of Christ established on the cross -- His Love will be triumphant when He is truly All-in-All. :)