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Sliced thin, battered and fried

The slices were big enough that I was inspired to melt cheese directly onto some of the fried slices, just like cheeseburgers. That was delightful. It was large in diameter, and before I did the deep frying I tried a few slices in pancake batter and fried them up [and ate them] normally as pancakes. That was fine but nothing special, and I've never been inspired to do it like that again. If I ever did it in pancakes again I would probably grate it and dump/mix it into the batter much like making bread. I've never actually made zucchini bread, so I'm guessing there. I'll deep fry anything though, and zucchini is among the easiest to work with. I really like deep fried pickles, but pickles are slimy which forces me to endlessly tweak the batter to get it just right.

Bread is always great though if you have people to give it to. I really enjoy receiving bread from people. I've also known people who've made the dough and thrown it in the freezer to be baked at a later date.

Soup or stir fry too, it's all good. Oh and cake, yum. I'm no help now, am I? :D