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Comment: You're not in Challis tonight, are you?

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You're not in Challis tonight, are you?

You posted at 00:17am mountain time, which means that Reckless Kelly would have had to stop playing well before midnight for you to access wifi and post this. Hm, maybe you've got G4 or cell phone access to the internet, but then you would have given us a live clip [of course you would have gone to such trouble for us :D]. I was in Challis in June though and the cell access was mighty spotty. Okay, I'm done speculating...
WHERE ARE YOU? Did you just hear that song live?

UPDATE: Okay, I see now that you've been posting all evening, so you're definitely not in Idaho. Well neither am I, so special thanks for posting the Kelly! Maybe next year... .........This year it's Left a Slide!