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Fountain Pens

I have recently attained a fascination of fountain pens... and it has become an occasional source of frustration in turn. Any fountain pen veterans able to offer a few words of advice to an ink-stained greenhorn?

In particular, I have been using Lamy brand fountain pens. At the time I bought my first fountain pen, a white Lamy Safari with a medium nib, I was impressed with the high rating on Amazon and somewhat economical price. I doubled down on the Lamy brand when I scored a stash of extra ink cartridges at a local thrift store. As an aside, I would not argue against anyone who thinks paying more than $5 on a pen is indulging in vain opulence. Although if you think about what it takes to make a pencil, maybe two sawbucks for a pen is not too much. What I like about fountain pens in general is the novelty of using a writing instrument that is rarely seen used in public. I also like the uniqueness of the occasional ink saturation blots when starting or ending a pen stroke or train of thought. I think it accentuates the overall personality of a handwritten note.

Sometimes, when I leave a pen dormant for days or weeks I find I have a hard time rejuvenating the pen with a quick rinse under the faucet tap. I wonder if I have to thoroughly clean the nib every time... I hate to think the problem is because I have just a $20 fountain pen and not the $200 darling sibling. What is the best way to take care of a fountain pen and maximize its efficacy and enjoyment potential?

Lamy Safari pen, white, medium nib