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Thank you for a great ride, and for 8 years of support!

Comment: Love you all

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Love you all

What a fabulous ride this has been.

I feel like it might be coming to an end. Seven years. There is the seven year itch. The wanderlust. The desire to see a different landscape. How much can I see if I'm tied to the Daily Paul?

Not the community. I love the community. But I don't get to enjoy it like you guys. For me, it is also work. The whole of this place, ultimately, comes down to my responsibility. I do what I can, with limited skills and resources.

Sometimes, like Ayn Rand's Atlas, I feel like shrugging. Go on strike. That was the original title of her book: "The Strike." Everyone went on strike, off to Galt's Gulch, rather than sticking around and being abused.