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Like Jefferson said about his birthday

That is Samantha's birthday, too. 11:11. So that is why it is (conceivably) important to me. So I notice it too. 11:11. But I have a reason. What are other people's?

I am also partial to 5/3, which is my birthday. I am partial at the poker table to those cards, which isn't necessarily smart, but sometimes you get a straight out of it.

I understand bias, and confirmation bias. I also understand why I'm prone to remembering seeing 11:11.

But why others? What does it mean? People don't seem to remember 10:10, or 9:09 (I do, because my baby says she's coming on the one after 909), or 12:12?

I know there is something about the 11:11 phenomenon. Another Ron Paul supporter told me about it. What is it supposed to mean?

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