Comment: Ridicule and disparaging caricatures

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Ridicule and disparaging caricatures

While generally perceived as lacking in seriousness and very much a double-edged sword, it is worth considering the strategic value of ridicule and name-calling. I provide two links on ridicule in the political sphere below. The former is useful for pointing out the weaknesses of ridicule. The latter is particularly interesting to read for its discussion of ridicule as a weapon in various historical contexts and its strategic value in times of conflict.

In short, ridicule is essential in the political sphere for many reasons. The mental image, caricature and associative power provided by the amalgamation of HC and AH may not be in the best "taste" but it does not necessarily denigrate the utterer and his/her cohort to anti-intellecual or uncivilized status. Where does this case fall? Read on below and decide for yourselves:

2. (J.M. Waller)

"For what avails a golden key if it cannot give access to the object which we wish to reach, and why find fault with a wooden key if it serves our purpose?" -Augustine