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I too feel for your loss. The

I too feel for your loss.

The answer, as I have found it, is a matter of nationality. The [U]nited States is a federation of states, a union of countries. The Constitutional hierarchy of power here works like this:

The people form states and exercise their collective sovereignty over all people and things in their territory through some form of government. See the definition of "state" in Black's Law Dictionary. Now, according to Artical 4 of the Constitution each state is guaranteed a republican form of government. Rebulicanism can only exist in a condition where common law exists, and limits to the collective sovereignty of the the people are defined by the natural rights of the people. You will find that every state constitution defines the rights of the people, it's usually the first artical. It is important to remember that, from the beginning, the states of the American Union hold the status as the states of the the European Union. They are countries, or nations with nationality.

The American states then fomed a union and with it a government for that union (poorly) named the United States, hence the origin of all (intentional?) misunderstandings about its nature.

So the logic, as I understand it, works like this:

1. Each state is a nation.
2. The peoples of the stats hold the nationality of their state.
3. The states (peoples thereof, the natural bodies politic) formed a union, and a government for that union.
4. The government of the Union is an international organization like the EU Parlement. When it was formed, it had no native body politic because it was not a country, by international law - The Law of Nations. The people remained peoples of the states with state nationality until the 14 Amendment was adopted. Then, in 1868, all people born or naturalized in the United states became US citizens. Never before before had there been such a designation in law.
5. The peoples of the states were slowly decieved into altering their native nationality, a Virginian, for example, like Washington or Jefferson, abdicated the rightful nationality of his state for federal nationality.
6. All people born in any of the states are now naturalized US citizens with Federal nationality.
7. The peoples of the states became disenfranchised. Only US citizens are alowed to vote.
8. Now that there exist no State Nationals, but a growing few, the sovereign states no longer exist but in name only and have become mere political subdivisions of the Federal Government.
9. As US citizens, with allegiance to the Federal rather than a National (State) government, we have abdicated position (status) as members of the sovereign bodies politic which are the pinical of the lawful hierarchy of the Union, and become the subjects of a government which not a member of the Union (DC is not a state and for this reason never will be) and therefore given up our status as free Men and Women with natural rights, in exchange for privilages and benefits.
10. Artical 4 states that no two states can occupy the the same territory, therefore the United States is NOT in Virginia. So US citizens are but mere residents of the states just as an Englishman may be a resident of France but retain his English nationality.

Conclusion (of a kind): Our natural unalienable rights come from our creator and are protected by the constitutional system as it was organically constructed under common law. Stepping out of that natural political hierarchy the way that we have strips us of the lawful protection of our rights amd makes us subjects to a government that was ment only to administer the international relationships between and among the states of the Union and the states of the wider world.

For a full and more comprehensive understanding of the subject and how there is a way to actually "get out" without leaving home, read The Red Amendment ( ).

The trap is Federal nationality. The remedy is State Nationality.

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