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Like it or not the British parliament saved us from Syria. They actually had a war resolution on the floor and voted no. Then, some people back here, with a brain, decided, well, if we're going to go in there alone, I guess we should do that "vote" thing to and send it to Congress. Rather than completely embarrass the president with a no vote to a war resolution, they sat on it. Obama jumped the shark on Iraq. The entire reason anyone even voted for him was this "change" stuff, but most intelligent people voted because he was withdrawing all combat troops out as a matter of policy. There's still a residual force of 50,000 troops that will likely be there forever. So when they say all combat troops have left Iraq, HEY, there's still FIFTY THOUSAND soldiers over there. Sorry, but these latest actions in Iraq, whether pressed by the DNC or the military industrial complex, show that Obama is totally willing to fold on the one issue that probably got him the nomination over Clinton.