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Great song.

It hit hard too much, certain things break me down for a bit.

Due to having older parents, greeting and treating elderly people, strangers, as existing, is something I feel good about doing.

I was the only one, of my oldest sister and older brother, who wanted to grant my Mother's wish of wanting to be home. She died of a broken heart, alone, in a strange room; knowing the oldest two didn't want to be bothered taking care of her. Instead of in her home and own bed. She only had moderate dementia at that point. She knew what was going on, and panicking. She was a sweetheart that would just keep saying Thank You for helping put her clothes and shoes on correctly. I don't have any real regrets because I knew I was not in control (health care proxy), being the youngest (them all not awake yet, not Liberty people); because I held her like a lover, tight to me, and for around 20 seconds over a month ago, in the kitchen.

The short interview of Don Garlits below, a multi millionaire, is what love is, what I could not accomplish for my Mom. I have been the family outcast as a knowledgeable Freedom educator and now I am the bad person for not following the "script, agenda" that my siblings had planned for my parents.

She always could count on me to keep her going on living. But this time, I couldn't, because I was locked out of decision making. It broke my heart and let her down. She had a heart attack two days later but still kept fighting. The others wouldn't see that it was do to her flipping out from knowing they were dumping her off. My siblings actually believed they were doing the right thing. I feel so bad for my Mom.