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Comment: We watch Antennae TV at night when we watch tv..

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We watch Antennae TV at night when we watch tv..

it shows all the old programs like Sanford and Son, Green Acres, Mr. Ed, All in the Family, and many others. Seems like every commercial is some lawyer group wanting to sue over some medical procedure or pharmaceutical that had side effects. Sure it's the same side effects that you were told about, sure it was the same side effects that were listed on the papers you were responsible for reading, but in this sue happy country personal responsibility doesn't exist.

Anyway, we were watching All in the Family and ole Archie Bunker was talking about running commercials for a business and his buddy said he could use the commercials..Archie says for what? You don't have a product to advertise..and his buddy says "I'll advertise my attorney's office", and Archie got upset and says "That ain't allowed, it may not be illegal, but it's unethical to advertise for attorneys on television." Funny how times have changed, and you can look back at Archie Bunker to get some common sense.

That man did a wonderful job at getting people to realize just how ignorant true racism and prejudice can be.