Comment: the Litmus Test

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the Litmus Test

If an individual / entity has verifiable and consistent positive cooperation - either public or clandestine - with Rockefeller / Rothschild / Goldman / Morgan interests they are on board with the plans.

If they verifiability act in a way that is fundamentally counter to those plans and interests, they are not on board with the plans.

In the US sphere when evaluating US centered banks, corporations, foundations, NGO's and agencies this can be simplified to Rockefeller interests.

Assuming that the Russian (or Chinese) oligarchies - with all of their extensive independent political and cultural history and PRIDE in such - would completely bend over for western globalists, no matter how powerful, is a stretch in my opinion.

They may ally on specific strategic objectives - mainly financial ones - temporarily for mutual gain. But I believe in these cases they are only playing the other side of the same planetary chess games the Rockefeller axis plays.

After all:

When the dust settles after SHTF - who in their right mind would assume these power blocs would settle for second tier to the westerners that planned and executed the agenda?

They wouldn't.