Comment: Okay, people. Listen up!

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Okay, people. Listen up!

What part of there are serious technical problems with this site don't you understand? There are some newbies who might want to contribute a token something who can't log in because the site isn't accepting their passwords! That's in addition to the "bugs" Michael told us about.

It's very simple: The Man asked for our help. So, where the hell are you who ride free here and comment and post often? Believe me, I know first hand how financially hard times are right now. But really, is it so impossible to come up with a $10 or $20 donation or even a check for $5 and a postage stamp?

I get that Monday wasn't the best time to fundraise. The weekend would have been a better time to start that. But, I also notice the silence of quite a few free riders who would otherwise normally be here with comments during the week.

As much as I don't like making comments like this one, I am more concerned about losing this site because of the gross lack of response to a call for help. Don't kid yourselves. Michael is itching to move on. The only question left is will he. If he does shut down this site, the blame will fall squarely on your shoulders. Capeesh?

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