Comment: That's too funny...or is it just too sad..

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That's too funny...or is it just too sad..

that you equate my objections to public schools teaching ninth graders, about self gratification, vibrators, and oral sex, with an uber controlling parent who refuses to let my 14 year old have a life. Of course this is the normal nonsense coming from someone either that doesn't have kids, or has very young kids. I wasn't taught about vibrators and oral sex at the age of 14, and wildly enough, I never felt "controlled" by my guardians. Strange huh. I turned out just fine, even though these things weren't taught to me by public schools.

"but I would/will personally make sure that sex education starts previous to fourteen years of age." obviously have no children, so at this point you are speculating because you don't even have a dog in this fight. Nothing better than the "know it all" parenting experts, who aren't even parents. Advice from these people is just as important as getting expert advice from my 21 year old "adult" daughter who is in college and has never had to completely support herself or live a true independent adult life. In one ear and out the other, and normally with a good chuckle at her expertise of ignorance.

Secondly..I have no problem with teaching my children about sex. We live on a small farm, we raise Longhorn cattle and my daughter raises chickens the natural way. My children can tell you more about the life cycle than you would care to know. They are 8 and 5. you said, and I quote "I would/will personally make sure", as in YOU WILL handle it, not some impersonal class where your views and thoughts are meaningless and not wanted.

Lastly..Are you planning on breaking out some vibrators and teaching your kids to orally satisfy a partner? Government handling sex education is bad enough, but when they start breaking out vibrators and teaching self gratification, then it is out of control.

Funny how some people want limited government, and limited control of your lives, but they sure do want them running to the rescue when it comes to teaching their children about sex and love.