Comment: Actually I think this represents

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Actually I think this represents

the overall rise in goods and services, especially food in this case.

3 days ago after a 2 mile race I stopped with the wife to get some bacon. I commented to her that the price had gone up and she stated we were going the way of Europe. I do not know the validity of this, but her statement was that food in Europe had gone up to the point it was requiring a substantial percentage of their budgets just to eat. Regardless of Europe, due to inflation and manipulation of the markets, it is costing me more to feed my family. I have seen an increase in our food budget the last 2 years and most of it the last 6 months.

It is my opinion that this is another form of slavery in action. I think the goal of the PTB is to have every arena of life controlled; food, lodging, health care, education, etc. The more it costs me to live the more I have to work and the more I am invested in the system. There is a war for every budgetary item you have.

"Two months of sharp increases in food prices show grocers are starting to pass along their higher wholesale costs to consumers."