Comment: I called George but no answer, figures

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I called George but no answer, figures

George has no health care policy on his website. Oakland County is hiding how much their employee health insurance costs so I went to Wayne State University instead to give him an idea of the corruption in Michigan.

Blue Cross is charging $2,401 per month for employee family coverage that they make the employee pay 1/2 or $1,200.57 a month. I kid you not look:

In the free and open market, on the exchange, a 30-year-old couple and 2 children (earning $50,000 a year) can get the security of personable and portable "Individual Health Insurance" (HSA Bronze plan) for $467 a month. Wait it gets better, after tax credits the premium drops to $127 a month.

Blue Cross is charging $2,400 a month and on the exchange it's $127 a month for Wayne State University employees!

If I was running for congress in Detroit, [[Dingle]] Country, I would point out that the tax payers are being raped to the max on health care by Blue Cross.

If George is going to be a Rand Paul Republican he better take at least 20 minutes and bone up on health insurance. I mean Obamacare is the biggest issue in the country and to have no health care policy is insane. That's just me and others might feel differently.

Just have George write: Healthcare Policy: I believe in free and open markets with competition to reduce costs in Michigan. I believe in the center-piece of Republican healthcare reform, the tax-free HSA. I would fight for the right of Michiganders to deposit higher amounts into their tax-free HSAs so they can have larger balances at retirement. We all know that money that is never taxed will last longer in retirement. I want Michigan citizens to save premium, eliminate taxes, build wealth and become EMPOWERED.