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property rights

I don't think Bobby is questioning your property rights, he's simply offering his opinion on a guideline for determining what you want to host.

One really good reason to host opinion that is disgusting and odious to you is because it can be openly refuted and others may (rightfully) find it disgusting and odious while they may not have before.

Another reason might be that sometimes your evaluation could be wrong and need to change. That reminds me of an instance in which I had dinner with a, so-called gay rights activist. It was really important for him that gay marriage be recognized by the state and his sexual preferences be subsidized in several different ways. After I talked with him, he responded that, while he had no argument against or reason to refute what I was saying, my opinions were so disgusting and odious to him that he would no longer speak to me or engage with me in any way. (And we were colleagues working in the same place and living in the same hotel at the time.) I think those were his exact words: disgusting and odious.

What I had explained is that he was actually opposing himself and building up the structures of oppression which might well see him first in line for a death camp one day. And I believe that is probably correct.

Of course, as Timsah says, "as much as possible." There is obviously some kind of limit, but I don't think it's just disgusting and odious. In particular, if such a view comes to be perceived as representative of the entire site, then certainly I can imagine shutting it down. But just some disgusting and odious view appearing in isolation is very different.

As far as his "order" to others to "stop," I can see that being a problem if it were, say, repeated after every post, but I don't think he's doing that. He tried to make his point. He gave his "order," and I seriously doubt there was any single user of this forum who is such a shrinking violet that they took it seriously. Of course, he's in no position to order anyone to do anything, and were such an order repeated after every post, I personally would find the spectacle of impotence exceedingly amusing.