Comment: I was avoiding comment on this thread

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I was avoiding comment on this thread

But I think many people here missed something important. He made a comment making his opinion clear.

It was a fine comment, made his point very clear. I wanted to respond, but I thought "you know what, he makes a good point... It is certainly something to think about".

And left it there...

All that other crap he posted came later. For some reason he wasn't satisfied with making his point. He needed to resort to ridiculing others. Condemning their opinions and then telling others that they had no right to comment on his.

He wised up after a bit. The truth is he was put in check by a couple of us. Called out on a hypocrisy so obvious the only way you could ignore it is if you were drunk...

If you want my opinion, he was drunk, and he probably feels bad and humiliated. That's enough. He is a good man and good member of the community. We all make mistakes. And if alcohol was involved, then I have a special place in my heart for that kind of mistake. If not, it still makes little difference.

Michael, this is genius. This is a great way to maintain order around here. Very anarcho-Icelandic. The althing, where we lay our disputes bare and let the people weigh in.