Comment: Yes, "it is okay to be a to be a whole person" here.

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Yes, "it is okay to be a to be a whole person" here.

If I recall correctly, at one point you asked in what course or direction should the Ark sail. I gave that a lot of thought and finally have formed an opinion about that.

Like it or not, the Daily Paul has become the Voice of the Liberty Movement and that Movement is made up of living, breathing, intelligent, human beings who care about more than just themselves. To abandon the course set for Liberty would turn this site into another Facebook. I see signs of that happening every day lately, with little flirtations and chit chat about nothing that helps anybody achieve anything, except pass the time of day.

I'm not talking about sharing personal stories. We are whole people who have come together and have come to value each other and support each other, because we are all necessary to win the good fight for Liberty. Our stories often help others in similar circumstances. The kind of people we are comes out in those stories. That is important for others outside of our community to know. We are not "those crazy Ron Paul kooks".

Sure, gardening, cooking, and such are good topics, because they help us to learn to be more self sufficient. Some forms of entertainment are good, if they help us to see things from a different perspective or if they help us grow in knowledge. Even a weekend music or football party is okay, when there is nothing of significance going on to discuss. And, hey! Everyone needs a break!

But, to take our focus off of current events would be, in my opinion, a huge mistake. There's a lot at stake in our country and in the world during these troubled times. We have made an impact but, we've a long way to go. I would hate to see the Voice of the Liberty Movement devolve into something less than the caliber of its members. Lose our Voice and we lose the war.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox