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Thank you but you are wrong on a couple of points:

I was not drunk nor did I feel bad or humiliated. Besides that fact that I had said all that I wanted to say, I was simply tired and went to bed.

My follow up comments were posted, in part, because I saw people responding and down-voting and thought about how many posts that I've read here over the last 7+ years and how I, in most cases, refrained from down-voting or bashing some of the really retarded posts because I thought "Well, I don't agree but whatever". I was pissed that I was being told that being passionate about a subject was taboo or otherwise wrong when, as someone else posted in this thread, many of us believe that "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice".
Well, I am extreme when it comes to defense of liberty and I get mad as hell when people contribute to deny me liberty (like so many Hollywood "elites" often do).

I served as an infantry paratrooper in the Army when I was young and believed all the mush taught to me about the military and fighting for freedom. While I'm happy that, in the four years that I was in, I was never sent into combat (no wars going on between 92 and 95 that the 82nd was used in), now that I know the truth, I am angry that I served the government and the warmongers that are in control. I wish that I could take the pill and enjoy a nice juicy steak but I can't. When I recognize those that actively engage in acts that support the tyrants and despots, I have ZERO tolerance or compassion for them.