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Wrong, again?

How could I be wrong again,only posting 1 comment?
Them pharisees never dies,they live amongst us,they run churches in Christs name and they teach falsities and distort the truth.
Yes Nero died,he was but a man,all men die once
How can Christ reign,if this world is still in turmoil,with wars,rumors of wars and everything that was right side up be upside down? Where right is wrong,black is white?
How can he be in charge if he hasn't even returned yet? Part of the scripture talks about his return,and all shall see him,that hasn't happened
nor have there been dead men in the streets for 3 days before returning to life?
If Christ was the king of this world,and him running it,wouldn't the prophesy concerning the 12000 from the 12 tribes be finished,or brought to light?
Wouldn't the law of the land actually be used,instead of being trampled upon?

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)